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Specializing in Replacing Johnson Controls Metasys Legacy/Obsolete Building Automation Systems (BAS)

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Bring your building back to life

Older Johnson Controls automation systems are still in use.  These 10, 20, 30 year old systems can be very expensive to replace.  We are able to create a new and fresh user interface while still maintaining legacy field controllers operation such as UNT, AHU, VMA, Dx9100, FX07, FX15, and more.  Get in touch to find out what options you have for your building.

Get ahead of the problems

Installing a new Building Automation System (BAS) is only the first step.  Having a system that works well means continuously watching it.  We offer services to monitor your building to find and correct issues before they happen.  By adding automated processes, fault detection algorithms, remote access, and field technician checkups, we can make sure your system runs smoothly.

Brining building systems together

Integrate HVAC equipment, lighting systems, energy meters and more to better manage and automate you building.

Building Automation: Services


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